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Computer Information Systems Certificate

Holding a computer information systems (CIS) certificate is the fastest way to enter the exciting technology industry. Students pursuing a CIS certificate can look forward to learning the fundamental skills needed to land an entry-level position in a field that offers new opportunities every year.

Find out how a CIS certificate prepares students to use in-demand technical skills needed for today and tomorrow.

What Coursework is Required for a Computer Information Systems Certificate?

CIS Certificate course content may include:

  • Computer Science Orientation
  • Database Creation and Management
  • End-User Support
  • Hardware Installation Support
  • Introduction to Expository Writing (Essay writing) – or another writing-based course
  • Introduction to Microsoft Operating Systems
  • Introduction to Unix Operating Systems
  • Mathematics of Computer Technology – or another fundamental math course
  • Network Basics
  • Network Router Configuration
  • Server-Side Web Scripting – Computer Language
  • Web Development
  • Wireless Routing and Networking
  • Working with Teams – or another leadership, psychology, or human relations course

Before entering into a CIS certificate program, students should have mathematics comprehension and feel comfortable operating computers. Schools can determine if a student may require prerequisite classes prior to starting the main course curriculum based on their SAT scores.

Prerequisite classes may include:

  • Academic Literacy – or a higher-level writing course
  • Algebra I – or a higher-level mathematic course
  • Computer Basics

The minimum requirement for students to enter a CIS certificate program is that they must have a high school diploma. An acceptable alternative is a Graduate Equivalency Degree or General Educational Development, known as a GED.

Full-time students pursuing a CIS certificate can complete the program in six months to one year. In that time, they can complete around 30 to 50 credits. The credits required to graduate may vary widely and are based on a school’s specific CIS certificate program.

Graduates will be able to set up and manage computer systems, network systems, and troubleshoot issues pertaining to those systems.

What Can I Do with a Certificate in Computer Information Systems?

Graduates can confidently enter the technology job market with their new CIS certificate and in-demand skills. Optionally, they may decide to pursue a higher degree to continue to develop their skills in this fast-growing industry.

To expand their career opportunities, graduates may decide to attain Microsoft or Computer Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) certifications. Either one will complement their CIS certificate.

Positions in the technology field are expected to accelerate from 2019 through 2029. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that computer information systems positions will have experienced a 31 percent growth rate.

Organizations are always on the lookout for graduates with a computer information systems certificate. This conveys to them that they are able to handle computer issues fast and effectively.

Five job titles for associate degree graduates include:

1. Database administrator
2. Computer support
3. Programmer
4. Technical manager
5. Web developer

Continuing Education for Graduates with Associate’s in Computer Information Systems

Organizations value CIS certificate graduates who have a mindset of continuous learning. This is essential because new advancements in technology such as artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, and quantum computing continue to develop.

Students on a trajectory to academia or higher-level positions within an organization should seek one or more educational paths.

After earning a CIS certificate, continuing educational options are:

  • Associates Degree (AS) in Computer Information Systems
  • Bachelor’s Degree (BS) in Computer Information Systems
  • Master of Science in Information Systems (MSIS)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.) in Computer Science

Can I Earn a Certificate in Computer Information Systems Online?

Remote learning is becoming the preferred way for students to learn quickly and teachers to teach effectively. Online platforms offer computer information systems course curriculums that are as comprehensive as traditional learning environments. After course completion, graduates will have the skills to work in either remote or traditional career positions.

The benefits of pursuing a CIS certificate online include:

Flexible Schedules

Online learning allows students to fit pursuing an education into their busy lifestyles. They can organize classes around their work, play, and family life.

Digital Textbooks

More online learning program administrators are making the required textbooks for their students available online. As a result, digital textbooks and reading published journals have become popular options in place of printed material. Students benefit by not having to worry about how to pay for their textbooks.

Soft Skills

Employers place a premium on CIS certificate graduates with soft skills of interacting with positive communications. In an online environment, students gain experience using soft skills when they participate in conference calls, online meetings, and written communications with peers and teachers.

Multicultural Exposure

Students enrolled in CIS certificate programs may have different ethnicities, backgrounds, and geographical locations. Online learning prepares students to problem-solve together with one technology goal-oriented mindset.

Online Computing

Online learning provides a chance for students to grasp new technology concepts in a relaxed atmosphere that they are familiar with: their home. They bypass rushing to learn in the midst of their peers and clamoring for the teacher’s attention when they have a question.

Earn a Certificate in Computer Information Systems Online from an Accredited School

Accreditation ensures that students get a quality education that prepares them to enter the workforce. It lets students know which schools are legitimate so that they are not misled. Therefore, researching a school or program prior to applying for the CIS certificate course is an essential step soon-to-be students should take. Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) is one of the many organizations that accredits information technology programs and schools.

A computer information systems certificate is a rapid way to get into the technology field. Undergraduate programs provide students with a well-rounded education. A CIS certificate covers basic technology concepts required to work confidently in an industry that continues to grow with unlimited opportunities for educated job seekers.

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